Anne Dymond-12

Anne Dymond

Associate Professor of Art History and Museum Studies, University of Lethbridge

Anne Dymond is Associate Professor of art history and museum studies and Board of Governor’s Teaching Chair at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta. Her book, Counting Diversity: Gender, Race and Representation in Canadian Art Galleries (forthcoming MQUP, spring 2019), examines issues of representation and diversity in contemporary art exhibitions. In the context of this project, she began to examine museums’ touring exhibitions, which has led to new research examining the role of museums in civic and regional cultural diplomacy. Earlier research projects examined the use of visual culture, such as tourist posters and museum displays, to create and solidify a sense of regional cultural identity in France in the late nineteenth century. She has also published on issues of center and periphery as revealed in the display of women and fashion in the 1900 World’s Fair; on the development of tourism to Mediterranean France; and on the anarchist imagining of Provence as the ideal location for their dreams of a utopian future, revealed in the paintings of Neo-Impressionist Paul Signac, amongst other things. Anne is Co-Chair of the University of Lethbridge Refugee Action Committee and actively involved with the World University Service of Canada’s Student Refugee Sponsorship Program.

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