Jonathon Paquette

Jonathan Paquette

Associate Professor, School of Political Studies, University of Ottawa

Jonathan Paquette is associate professor at the School of Political Studies where he teaches in the Public Administration programmes. In 2010, Jonathan Paquette was a visiting fellow of the British Academy and a visiting scholar at the School of Museum Studies at Leicester University (UK). In 2011, he received support from SSHRC for his research on values, symbolic capital and careers in museums. In 2016, he received funding from SSHRC for a research programme on Heritage Policy in Asia. He was awarded the Roland-Parenteau Prize in 2011 from the Institute of Public Administration of Canada. Since 2013, he is associate researcher at the Centre for Cultural Industries of the University of Shenzhen, and a member of the scientific committee of the cultural research section of the Observatorio Politico of the University of Lisbon. He also serves as Executive editor of the Journal of Arts Management, Law and Society published by Taylor and Francis. He is also leading the cultural policy research team at the Centre for Governance at the University of Ottawa. His current work on cultural diplomacy currently focuses on cultural policy and museums in Hong Kong, the cultural politics of heritage roads and itineraries, and subnational cultural diplomacy.

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