NACDI Releases Report on Cultural Diplomacy and Trade

Download the report: Cultural Diplomacy and Trade – Making Connections

This event launches “Cultural Diplomacy and Trade: Making Connections”, a report prepared for the Department of Canadian Heritage. The report states that by cultivating all relevant constituencies to build networks of shared purpose between state and non-state actors, governments can unlock the full potential of cultural diplomacy to achieve specific policy objectives, including those related to trade.

Report introduction will be presented by North American Cultural Diplomacy Initiative co-founders Lynda Jessup, Associate Dean (Graduate Studies and Global Engagement), Queen’s University, and Sarah E. K. Smith, Assistant Professor, Carleton University.

Report discussion will take place with: César Villanueva Rivas, Professor of International Relations and Public/Cultural Diplomacy, Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City; Christine Nakamura, Vice-President, Toronto Office, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada; Ben Schnitzer, Cultural Studies, Queen’s University; Salvador Alanis, Executive Director, Institute for Cultural Exchange-Americas (ICE).

Join us on March 7th, 4-6 pm in Seeley Hall, Trinity College, 6 Hoskin Ave, Toronto


The North American Cultural Diplomacy Initiative (nacdi) is a transdisciplinary partnership that includes academics, policymakers and practitioners from North America and beyond.

As a vibrant research community nacdi advances cultural diplomacy as a critical practice, generates new research, trains students and practitioners to create effective cultural initiatives and linkages, and engages in outreach through activities accessible to diverse constituencies and broader publics.